• Japanese Fan Club
    Proxy Service

    You need a valid address in Japan to receive postal items from Fan Club.
    Get your address in Japan and receive News Letters, Membership Card etc. from Fan Club.

We receive following items:

 1. Membership Card and Welcome Gift

2. Fan Club News Letters and Post cards

3. Concert Tickets and Goods

How to Use the Service

1. Sign-up for DANKEBOX to get your Japanese mailbox address

2. Sign-up for the Fan Club you like.
(Use Payment Service if you need)

3. Reception and Storage of your mails from Fan Club

4. Make Shipping Request anytime

More Details

Our Service

Safe Security

Customers’ information will be strictly controlled so there is no leaking to the outside. Your parcels and letters will be stored in a place that can only be reached to by the staff.

Check your mailbox online and request shipping with Easy Transaction

Our online system is simple to use and easy to understand.

Payment Service

If you need help making payments within Japan, use our Payment Service. You can pay with PayPal.


Membership Renewal

Renew your membership to keep enjoying the benefits of Fan Club.


Period of Storage: 1 Year

When the monthly fee is not paid by PayPal auto-payment, your account will be cancelled after 30 days.

Storage insurance: 100% included


Japan Fan Club - Proxy Service - Arashi

ARASHI - Fan club membership increases due to "Arashi loss"

The above fees cover the following costs:

  • Fan Club Entry Fee: 1000 JPY (First time Only)
  • Fan Club Annual Fee: 4000 JPY
    • Membership Card (First time Only)
    • News Letter x 4 times a year
    • New Year's Card
    • Concert information (E-mail)
    • Priority Reservation for Concert
    • Access to Member-Only website
  • Your Mailbox Address in Japan / 1 Year
    • We receive and store your mails from Fan Club
    • All the mails and goods are 100% insured
  • Access DANKEBOX account / 1 Year
    • Check the status of your mails and make shipping request anytime
    • Free shipping service fee
    • Shipping fee (Registered airmail) from 600 JPY
    • Payment service for your concert tickets and Fan Club goods
    • Change your address and e-mail
    • Message box to contact our staff
  • PayPal Transaction Fee
*The information above may be changed without any notice.

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