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ARASHI – Fan club membership increases due to “Arashi loss”

After the hiatus announcement, the official fan club’s membership increases by 100,000 in one day, due to “Arashi loss”

By the 28th, a day after the shocking announcement that Arashi would cease its activities at the end of next year, it was discovered that membership in the official fan club had suddenly increased. It was said that after the band made its announcement on the 27th, membership had increased by approximately 100,000 people. The symptoms of “Arashi loss” have been spreading.

Before the announcement, membership had been approximately 2.4 million, and was now said to have increased to 2.5 million. While these were extraordinary numbers for an idol group, with the announcement of their impending hiatus, those figures have grown even larger.

ARASHI - Fan club membership increases due to "Arashi loss"

It is believed that the reason for the sudden increase in membership is the hope of becoming eligible to apply for tickets to the current 20th-anniversary concert tour. As there is the possibility that the band may hold a large-scale concert or tour the following year as well, there may also be events for fan club members in addition to live performances. With this announcement, attention on the group has become more intensely magnified.

The 5-dome stadium 20th-anniversary concert tour which began last November will have accumulated a total of 50 performances by December of this year, with an estimated attendance of 2.375 million. When this year’s tour schedule for April and beyond was announced last year on December 23rd, Sho Sakura stated, “Ever since this tour began, we had the big picture in mind, and wanted to do everything in our power to bring these 50 performances to fruition. By our calculations, it would theoretically mean that each member of our fan club would have at least 1 opportunity to see us perform live.” His explanation brought loud cheers from the audience.

According to sources, fans in other countries are also able to register as members of the fan club, and there is the possibility, in fact, that the band may perform some overseas concerts as well. The ripple effects of the announcement are spreading not only throughout Japan, but across the world. Focus on Arashi is predicted to increase even more through to the end of next year, and a further rise in fan club membership is expected as well.

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