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How to send fan letters to your favorite Japanese artists / idols!

Sending fan letters to one’s favorite artist / idol has always been a way for fans to express their admiration to their favorite artists / idols. We all want to leave our artists / idols with a good impression with our letters, and so that’s why we are here to share with you some tips you can use when sending fan letters to Japanese artists / idols!

Be polite

A fan letter with all one’s admiration in it wouldn’t mean much if it doesn’t reach his favorite artist / idol, and it sure wouldn’t be nice if the artist / idol who gets it isn’t happy seeing it.

And that’s why it’s important to be polite when it comes to writing a fan letter.


Don’t just write about yourself

A fan letter is supposed to be something with which one expresses his good will for his favorite artist / idol, so it’s generally considered to be impolite if you only write about yourself in the fan letter you are sending. Let’s all try to be a little considerate. And don’t forget to go back to check what we wrote before sending it off.


Write not only your name, but also your address

For the fan letter you are going to send, it’s not so nice if you only write your name and not your address in it, so do be careful with that. It’s considered impolite to the recipient if you don’t write your name on what you are sending.

If, for any reason, your letter fails to reach the intended recipient, you won’t be able to get it back if there isn’t an address on the letter for it to go back to. To avoid situations like this, do remember to write your address on the letter before you send it off.


Don’t write anything that’s going to make the recipient uncomfortable

When people feel like they share a strong sense of intimacy with the artists / idols to whom they write their fan letters, they would often start writing as if they were writing to their friends. Also, while people may sometimes only mean to share their advice with their artists / idols, their advice can end up sounding like complaints.

Avoid things like these at all cost because they are big no-noes. While we might feel that, as fans, we are very close to artists / idols to whom we write, let’s not forget that we are “just another person” to them and that we need to behave accordingly when it comes to communicating with them.


Don’t ask anything of the artist / idol

Fan letters are a way for us to express our admiration for our favorite artists / idols.
Asking for an autograph or asking the artist / idol to get in touch with you is a big no-no.
Also, artists / idols who are busy rarely write back to all of their fans, so do keep in mind that he or she will not be able to heed your wishes even if you ask them to do things for you.


Write your fan letter on a paper letter and send it off in an envelope

Compared to fan letters written using postcards, artists / idols generally prefer those written with paper letters and sent in envelopes, and this is because paper letters sent in envelopes convey a sense of politeness. People feel excited when they are about to open envelopes.
You may still write your fan letter on a postcard, but writing it on a paper letter and then sending it off in an envelope will definitely help you leave a good impression.


Pay attention to the stamp

Sticking a stamp that fits the paper letter and the envelope you are using would be a great idea.
You might need to purchase more stamps depending on the weight of the letter you are sending, so, to be safe, do bring your letter to the post office and ask them to help you send it to Japan.


Keep your fan letter to 2 paper letters

You letter would be too much for your artist / idol to read if it’s too long, so we would like to suggest that you keep it down to a maximum of 2 paper letters.


Nothing beats a handwritten letter

A fan letter is for a fan to express his special feelings for his artist / idol, and handwriting just helps you get that message across more easily. A handwritten letter carries a sense of honesty with it, and that’s definitely going to help you leave a good impression with your artist / idol.


Write with a pen (and not a pencil)

Make a draft before you get down to writing the actual fan letter. When you get around to writing the fan letter that you will be sending out, make sure it’s free of corrections.



It’s mighty important that you write down your address and name in the fan letter. When you are done writing your opening sentence, make sure to write something to introduce yourself with.
Remember not just to write your full name, but also the country and city you are living in, what you do for a living, etc, so as to show your sincerity. Also, even if you are writing to an artist / idol you have written to before, don’t forget to introduce yourself again.

Your artist / idol most likely won’t remember you even if you do remember him or her. To avoid
any confusion and suspicion on the artist / idol’s end, keep in mind to introduce yourself even if it’s not your first time writing to him or her.

To get your message across to your artist / idol, start your letter by writing about what got you to like him or her in the first place.
After that, describe in detail what you find so attractive about him or her, and finally finish your letter by expressing your gratitude. Your artist / idol will finish reading your letter feel touched and moved.

At the end of your fan letter, writing words of encouragement for your artist / idol or wishing him or her luck is a good way to end the letter. It sure will make your artist / idol’s day reading letters with fans’ encouragement or good wishes. Be careful to be concise writing that very last part of your fan letter – your artist / idol probably won’t take it too nicely if it is too long, so do keep in mind to keep it nice and short.


Make sure your artist / idol’s name and address and your name and address are correct

Make sure these information are correct so your letter can get to your artist / idol.
You can find your artist / idol’s address on his or her official web page. If you are writing from overseas, make sure you write your artist / idol’s name and address in either English or Japanese, or make sure the word “JAPAN” is written in English. Print your name and address (with the name of the country you are living in).


How to send your fan letter and autograph requests

If you want to request an autograph, send a properly stamped and self-addressed envelope with your request letter. You can include a small cardboard for an autograph.If you do not live in Japan, you can purchase Japanese stamps at

Postage from Japan to overseas

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